Hezekiah Fatoki is a humble, Spirit-filled christian author, and preacher of this generation. He is on mission with a vision of impacting one billion people to the glory of God by his e-literature ministry and seminars.

He writes and teaches rare principles, laws and secrets of the ages with thorough insightful application to the contemporary needs and challenges facing individuals, companies, communities and nations across the continents of the world.

“Give me library and mankind, I will make global landmark.”- Hezekiah Fatoki

“Faith unleashes truth anywhere.” – Hezekiah Fatoki.

“God have my time… So if you are searching for me the next time, you will find me at His secret place.” – Hezekiah Fatoki. 

To know more about Hezekiah Fatoki, access his book which he titled; The Portrait of My Lifetime. In this book, Hezekiah discussed vividly about his purpose for living and mission in the kingdom of God in his days in this present generation.

One Billion Souls Project is a project that will provide scriptural truth with practical application in the present generation to pave the way for prospective ones. The messages are shared to the Body of Christ freely without copyright restrictions so those who want to translate it to non-English languages can do so freely.

Subscribe to Hezekiah’s articles through the link on the sidebar. He promised to be sharing insightful topics that cut across Spiritual growth, Personal development, Christian living, Business principles, Marriage, Parenting, Youth, Success tactics, Leadership, Evangelism, Christian publishing and many more.

Visit the publication center for available ebooks. You can also donate in support of the literature mission of Hezekiah Fatoki. For inquiry about seminar bookings, and other information, kindly contact Hezekiah, he will be glad to meet you.

One Billion Souls Project